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27 Movie Moments That Messed Us Up For Life

Warning: life spoilers ahead.

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1. Jaws

Universal Pictures

"I remember watching Jaws on TV and being completely HORRIFIED at the opening scene when the girl is pulled under. Even more horrifying was how the camera shot was just crested at sea level. I literally felt like I was drowning with her. Needless to say, I only go knee deep in clear water." –mobetta

2. It


"Pennywise ruined my childhood when my two older cousins made me watch this movie at the ripe age of 6. I had nightmares and visions of him for months, still can't look at clowns 14 years later." –Lauren McGehean (Facebook)

3. Labyrinth

Universal Pictures

"My little sister was born when I was almost 4, and I absolutely hated her. A year later I still hadn't gotten over it, so my grandma made me watch Labyrinth. She was basically like, 'This is what happens when you don't love your siblings.' So for a while I pretty much lived in terror that my little sister was going to get stolen by goblins and I was going to have to go fight David Bowie to get her back. I legitimately had nightmares about it. I'm 30 now and that movie still freaks me out." –Jessica Giffin (Facebook)


5. Child's Play

United Artists

"I used to collect porcelain dolls when I was younger and my uncle made me watch all of the movies in one sitting. From that point on I thought the dolls were going to attack me in my sleep." –Shannon Laster (Facebook)


10. Dreamcatcher

Warner Bros.

"Dreamcatcher scared me shitless. The whole alien growing inside them and coming out of people’s bums, and that scene when it comes out in the toilet. It made me scared of going to the loo when I was younger." genevral

11. The Exorcist

Warner Bros.

"I watched it way too young and I was terrified to sleep alone for a month... my mom had to sleep with me. It's weird because now I love horror films." –Cristina Daina Milovan (Facebook)


15. Ghostbusters 2

Columbia Pictures

"I couldn't turn my back on the faucet while the tub was filling up cuz I was convinced that pink goo was going to leak out of it and turn into a blob that would kill me!" –Lisa Sullivan (Facebook)


16. The Year Without a Santa Claus


"Heat Miser terrified me as a child, and still continues to to this day. This movie made me hate Christmas time. Firstly, because that movie happens to be my mom's favorite Christmas movie and she makes us watch it every year. Secondly, because that song plays in malls and it brings up my fears." –Bailey K. Moreno (Facebook)


20. Alien

20th Century Fox

"Alien ruined my life as a child. It's undeniable that Ridley Scott is a cinematic genius, however, I couldn't turn over in my bed for months. I would stay awake night after night in my bright pink bedroom, watching the closet and my bed side table, trying to ensure a face hugger wouldn't secure itself to my face and plant an alien embryo in my chest." –Erin Thornback (Facebook)

21. Requiem for a Dream

Artisan Entertainment

"Definitely Requiem for a Dream, because it made me think for a while that the kind of hazy utopia of the first half just wasn’t sustainable and was bound to result in some kind of terrifying free-fall. Oh and also no guy will ever be Jared Leto in the film which DEVASTATES me lmao." didyousaycake

22. Mouse Hunt

DreamWorks Pictures

"There is a scene with a cockroach I think the guy eats it or something. I have hated cockroaches ever since. Also they like try to kill the poor mouse in the wall it made me cry as a kid. I can't bring myself to watch it ever again." –Zoë Nicole Smith (Facebook)


24. Jurassic Park

Universal Pictures

"I LOVED it as a kid, but it gave me recurring nightmares for almost 10 years in which a T-Rex came into my kitchen and ate me. I had to take a break for a few years for the nightmares to stop, but I'm in love with it again!" –Sarah Bruch (Facebook)

27. 1408

Dimension Films

"It made me think I could never wake up from nightmares, because there is a scene where John Cusack thinks he got out of the hotel room and goes on living his life for like weeks, and then it all crumbles and he realises he's still stuck in 1408! FREAKY AS FUCK." –Michaela Chakos (Facebook)

Some of these amazing answers were edited for length and clarity.

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