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7 Moments You Missed In Episode 3 Of "The Bachelorette" Australia

Trapeze, diving, and push ups. Is this The Bachelorette or the Olympics?

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Missed Episode 3 of The Bachelorette Australia? YOU MISSED A DOOZY. Here are the 7 things you missed in no particular order except chronological.

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1. Marry Me Lee got the single date.

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Lee is so hot, you guys.

But kinda boring.

2. Georgia and Lee went on a treasure hunt.

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Georgia had set-up a treasure hunt for Lee where X marked the spot. Basically, Lee was on a hunt for ~the booty~. Get it? Pirate jokes! They arrived at a secluded beach (that looked EXACTLY like the location of Richie and Nikki’s first date… hope that isn’t foreshadowing) and had a cute picnic.

3. Georgia and Lee played "two truths and a lie" and made each other do push ups because straight people are awful.

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Two truths and a lie is a game where you tell two truths and a lie and the other person has to guess which is the lie. Georgia started by telling her celebrity crushes. Lee got it wrong so he had to do 20 push ups. I got tired just watching that shit.

Lee then tried it with his celebrity crushes and Georgia, after getting it wrong, had to do push ups too! Kinda turned into a shit date IMO.

Then Georgia gave Lee a rose and they pashed.

4. The group date was a day on the trapeze.

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Georgia loves the trapeze! I don't think there's a verb form of trapeze, so this is going to be difficult to write. The boys had to swing their way into Georgia's heart.

Sassy Sam was sassy about it, then sucked at it. Irony! There was also a secondary story about Matty J wanting to get alone time, so he pointed his toes a lot. OK.

5. Matty J caught Georgia's eye. And literally her whole body.

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Because of his pointed toes, Matty J got the opportunity to try a more advanced trick by attempting to catch Georgia. He did so successfully and called it the "sickest moment". Fully. The two of them got to have some alone time on the trapeze net.

This alone time felt like way more relaxed and cool than Lee's crossfit challenge of a date.

6. Courtney played his Golden Date Card, and Fancy Clancy went straight into the pool.

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While wearing the reddest suit jacket the world has ever seen, Court in the Act played his Golden Date card, which means he gets to organise the dates for a week.

He promised the boys that the first one to jump in the pool was guaranteed a spot on the group date. Fancy Clancy ran to the pool IMMEDIATELY. Oh Fancy. Maybe if you still had your beard you wouldn't have to resort to bargaining.

7. Aaron and Jay did not receive roses.

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Poor Aaron, unfortunately that meant his time with his true love, Rhys, had come to an end.

I still have no clue who Jay was, or how long he had been on the show.