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    We Need To Talk About Tonight's Record-Breaking Episode Of "My Kitchen Rules"


    SPOILERS FOR TONIGHT'S MKR LIE AHEAD, but we need to talk about this record-breaking episode.

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    They promised us records would be broken, we just didn't think it would be like this.

    The single ladies, Bek and Ash, took the main stage tonight. But the gal pals didn't put a ring on it, instead they managed to get the LOWEST SCORE in the HISTORY of My Kitchen Rules.

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    Mmmm, you might wanna change those beliefs, Bek.

    Tonight was a disaster. The nicest feedback Pete gave the entire evening was to Manu for being so French and handsome.

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    Manu looks good every night, Pete, ya dickhead.

    If you missed the episode, or just want to relive the utter misery, here's what went down.

    The theme of the restaurant was a music festival, though surprisingly they didn't hire someone to stand at the front door to scream at the guests about sniffer dogs.

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    After using most of their time to drive 9,000kms to find some fish, the ladies ran into their kitchen to see the clock counting down. They only had about two hours until the other teams arrived for dinner. Their entree was a roasted vegetable tart with a balsamic glaze.

    “Our game plan tonight is to try and manage our time as well as we can,” Bek said, as Ash started dicing a beetroot. Suddenly an hour and 40 minutes had gone by, and the guests were set to arrive in 20. Ash was still dicing beetroot.

    Noting feedback from the judges of dishes being under-seasoned, the pair mentioned that they planned to season the HELL out of their dishes. "We're going to season it with a lot of garlic," they said, completely misunderstanding what seasoning a dish actually means.

    As time entirely escaped them, the girls took stock of their entree. The pastry wasn't correct, the roasted vegetables were sloppy, but their cream cheese filling was fine, and the bag of rocket they opened didn't spontaneously combust into spiders.

    No one liked the dish. The judges urged the ladies to head back to the kitchen and impress them with their mains.

    The main, Goldband Snapper with fennel, fig, and pear salad, wowed the judges. Just... not in a good way.

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    As Ash cooked the fish, pushing it from one side of a burning pan to the other, she didn't seem confident.

    It was at this point the episode became less fun to watch. It felt more like the moment after Bambi's mother gets shot. Bambi runs out, unsure of what's just happened, and you just think, "Oh no that poor deer, it has no clue..."

    Two hours after they served their entree, the ladies finally brought out their main. The mood of the dining room switched to one more suited to a funeral home - though considering the fish they served was practically cremated, it's not entirely inappropriate. "I mean... It's just fish and salad," Karen said woefully, looking at her plate and impressing the other guests with her ability to identify both fish and salad.

    The judges, unsurprisingly, hate it. They urged the ladies to please, please serve something edible for dessert.

    Dessert was supposed to be profiteroles with orange custard and chocolate sauce.

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    Not all the profiteroles turned out, so the dish became a single, lonesome profiterole with orange custard and chocolate sauce.

    If at this point you thought things would turn around for the girls, you would be mistaken. It's as if Walt Disney himself, thawed from his cryogenic prison, announced an extended cut of Bambi where the tiny deer is forced to relive his mother's death every day on loop, Groundhog Day-style.

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    The custard scrambled and their first batch of chocolate looked like they found it in a dog park.

    "Being on MKR was a dream come true for us however, tonight, it's been a nightmare," Bek says into the camera, brokenhearted.

    Surprisingly the dessert was the best dish of the night, with some going so far as calling it "edible" and "not totally shit", but that couldn't save the girls from their inevitable score.

    At the end of the night, Bek and Ash ended up with 26/110. The lowest score in MKR history.

    "Our restaurant is based on a music festival. Guests have to queue for an hour and everything smells like pot and toilet". #MKR

    I think Bek and Ash are going to end up on the bottom, they’re not doing well #MKR

    #MKR My heart is breaking for you girls seeing your night not going according to plan :(

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    Bright side: at least they're on the record books!

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