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    15 Sep 2016

    The Star Of "Stranger Things" Revealed One Of Her Greatest Fears Is Bungalows

    Stephen Colbert learned a LOT about the Stranger Things star.

    Millie Bobby Brown joined Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, where she discussed how Stranger Things changed her life and revealed her greatest fears.

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    Considering she was born in 2004 (I know), Millie was pretty unfamiliar with a lot of the '80s props for Stranger Things.

    CBS / Via

    After starring in the show, she revealed she has gotten to know and love the magic of vinyl.

    CBS / Via

    She also spoke about the kinds of music she now listens to on her record player...

    CBS / Via

    ...including Queen Bey.

    CBS / Via

    And if that wasn't enough adorable for one interview, Millie also spoke about her major fears.

    Sharks? Totally get it, they're terrifying. The dark? Yo I'm hella old and still get scared in my house. Bungalows? Y– wait. What?

    YEAH YOU HEARD RIGHT, Millie hates bungalows. As she explains:

    Looking forward to Season 2!

    Make sure to watch the entire iconic interview, where she also tests Colbert to see if he can join her "squad".

    CBS / Via

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