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Justin Bieber Did A Cheeky Macca's Run And Oh God Why Am I Writing This?

Is it too late now to McFlurry?

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I am a Macca's detective and here are things that I KNOW TO BE TRUE:

- This is the carpark of the Cremorne Macca's in Sydney.

- The brightly coloured shop in the background is where I bought a washing machine from when I was at uni.

- Biebs is holding what looks to be a McFlurry spoon.

- One time, on the way home from a road trip, I went into this Macca's "for a cup of coffee" and got 40 nuggets and a diet coke.


Anyway, I'm "Confident" that Biebs had a great time DESPITE: being in Cremorne, literally the most boring suburb in Sydney, and the fact that Macca's don't flurry their McFlurry's anymore.