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    10 Things We Could Buy Instead Of A $525 Million Marriage Vote

    That's a LOT of chicken nuggets.

    PricewaterhouseCoopers have recently projected that a nationwide vote on marriage equality could cost up to $525 million.

    Hanna-Barbera Productions

    In their report, PwC break down that figure to:

    $158 million to facilitate,$66 million for the community to fund the "for" and "against" campaigns,$281 million in lost productivity as people take time out to vote, and at least $20 million in costs associated with the impact on the mental health and wellbeing of Australian citizens.

    In so many words, PwC have called this marriage vote a huge waste of time and money, that'll be damaging to the health and wellbeing of Australians!

    Here's what we could get instead:

    1. 772,058,824 chicken nuggets.

    Based on $13.60 for a 20-pack. Extra sauces not included in that price, but I'm sure you could work something out?

    2. 1,050,000,000 soft serve cones.

    Based on $0.50 for a soft serve ice cream at Macca's, the drive-through is going to be a little busy while you're filling your car with all that ice cream! Delicious!

    3. 2.3 ~luxury~ hospitals.

    Based on the recent $227 million Epworth hospital. You could actually afford a bunch of regular hospitals with the $525 million, but this hospital is so fancy it feels like a hotel! Heal from your appendectomy with mood lighting!!!

    4. A subscription to TIDAL for 1,823,677 years.

    Based off a TIDAL HiFi subscription at $23.99 per month. That's a lot of Kanye albums!

    5. 889,831 Italian marble tables from the late 1980s.


    Tony Abbott can breathe a sigh of relief! Based on this delightful marble table costing $590 in the late 1980s, we could fill Parliament house with tables for politicians to dance on/smash.

    6. 3.5 Mad Max films!

    The estimated budget for Mad Max Fury Road is $150,000,000. The film won SIX Academy Awards, and has been a huge boost to the Australian film industry. What a lovely day indeed! Hell, with $525 million we could probably clone a Hemsworth and take over Hollywood entirely.

    7. 26,523 Bachelor of Arts degrees.

    Digital Vision. / Getty Images

    Based on this approximate figure from the University of Queensland, a Bachelor of Arts could set you back $6,598 per year for three years. That's pretty expensive for what will essentially be three years of working out how to make cheap coconut rum taste less like paint thinner.

    8. 180,025,718 UDL Passionfruit tinnies.

    Based on the going price for a case of UDL's at Dan Murphy's $69.99, you could host a banger of a party with that kind of offering!

    9. 75 Versace helicopters for Bronwyn Bishop.

    This is what a #Versace #helicopter looks like. For more: #avgeek #travel

    Yeah, Versace apparently make helicopters, and what a way for Our Bron to travel! According to The Billionaire Shop, one of these bad boys will set you back just over $7 mil. When it comes to wasteful spending, let's just go straight to the pro.

    10. 8,077 weddings.

    Ahavelaar / Getty Images

    According to this RIDICULOUS stat from a 2015 Bride to Be magazine survey, the average Australian wedding costs around $65,000. That's a lot of money to spend on weddings, heterosexual Australians.


    $525,000,000 will get you 26,523 Bachelor of Arts degrees. An earlier version of this post quoted 79,570 degrees because the author did a Bachelor of Arts, and hasn't had to do maths for YEARS.

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