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These Are All The Dudes Who Will Be On "The Bachelorette" Australia

Georgia Love is looking for... love.

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While we wait to see which blonde woman Richie eventually picks on The Bachelor, Network Ten have graciously given us the first look at the dudes trying to win over Georgia Love, this year's Bachelorette!

Network Ten

Georgia Love, while sounding like a Dolly Parton album, is a journalist from Victoria and she's on the hunt for... um... love.


Ben - 32, Miner

Network Ten

In 10 years time Miner Ben wants to be "married with two kids, building my empire with a lady by my side." He believes the key to a good date is winning a meat tray.

Hope Georgia doesn't mind a lamb chop that smells like a pub floor.

Cameron - 26, Firefighter

Network Ten

Cameron's ideal date is fish and chips on the beach, and for those piercing blue eyes, I'd eat a fistful of sand. Cameron believes in love at first sight, "but it won't be confirmed until you get to know them".

But will Love love him at first sight? Probably, he's a babe.

Carlos - 33, Entrepreneur

Network Ten

Carlos is the owner of a restaurant and some nightclubs, and hopes in 10 years time, when he's in his early 40s, to be semi-retired. Unrelated, Carlos may I please have some money?

Clancy - 29, Medical Sales Rep

Network Ten

When asked his biggest triumph to date, Clancy said, "The sum of where I am in life. Good career, house, car, friends, and family."

When asked to describe his perfect woman, Clancy probably replied "Legs, hair, head, a truck, traffic light..." listing whatever he could see out the window until the producers stopped him.


Courtney - 30, Industrial Designer

Network Ten

A Courtney of all trades, this Bachelor, along with his brother, invented wristbands to help identify children with allergies, and they've since built a small empire out of smart products for kids.

Courtney also has a background in presenting and producing TV, so expect to see him reach the final four, considering he's pretty bankable talent. Me? A cynic? How dare you.

Dale - 29, Personal Trainer

Network Ten

Dale, a personal trainer from Queensland, has made his Instagram account private, so I have a personal vendetta against him.

When asked if he had any hidden talents, Dale replied, "This Account is Private. Follow to see their photos and videos." Just kidding, he said it was handstands.

Jake - 30, Sales Professional

Network Ten

Tall, dark, and handsome Jake was asked if he had ever been in love. “Yes I have been in love,” he said, “and I have been heartbroken”.

That sounds like the time I went to the last all-you-can-eat Pizza Hutt in Sydney CBD and it had been replaced with a convenience store. I, too, have been heartbroken.

Jay - 33, Wellness Coach

Network Ten

When asked who his hero is, Jay responded, "Any thought leader," which sounds a lot like an omnipresent know-it-all from a George Orwell novel.

He also mentioned his hidden talent is that he used to play the harmonica. Let's hope that talent stays well and truly hidden.


Lee - 35, Mechanical Plumber

Network Ten

Thank god Lee is a plumber because as soon as I saw this photo I flooded my basement. Lee could unclog my pipes any day. Sorry if you think these jokes are too dirty but I bet Lee is used to some toilet humour.

Anyway, when asked where he sees himself in 10 years, Lee answered "Married to Season 2's Australian Bachelorette of course," meanwhile I blacked out due to jealousy.

Lee is the oldest of the Bachelors vying for Georiga Love's love, so it's TOTALLY FINE for me to sit here whispering "daddy" to the several copies of his photo I printed out.

Matt D - 29, Security Specialist

Network Ten

At 29, Matt's biggest triumph is purchasing his own home. At 27, I googled "is a microwave on top of a fridge dangerous?" so... I totally get where he's coming from.

Matty J - 29, Marketing Manager

Network Ten

Matty J is described as having an "infectious nature", which is also how doctors describe chlamydia. The weirdest thing he finds attractive about a woman is her ability to reverse park with ease.


Rhys - 29, Entrepreneur

Network Ten

Rhys loves writing poetry and studying French and fashion. When asked if children are ~on the cards~ he responded, "Yeah, most likely, in one way or another."

Children, how do I have thee? Let me count the ways...


Sam - 27, Electrician

Network Ten

When asked the weirdest thing Sam finds attractive in a woman, he responded, "Her being weird. The weirdest things are the coolest." Lucky he's hot as hell because, honestly, what?!

Tommy - 31, Employment Coach

Network Ten

Tommy lists his biggest achievement to date as being deployed to Iraq with the army. Which really puts in perspective the guy that listed his car as his biggest triumph.