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    Don’t Bother Catching Up, Here’s Everything You Missed On "My Kitchen Rules"

    The hot truffle farmer and the one-star Uber driver.

    My Kitchen Rules is back for another season, and because every season has approximately 9,000 episodes, we're here to cover what you might have missed this week.

    Episode 1: Damo and Caz - Tassie Tasmanians from Tasmania.

    The first instant restaurant of the season took group one to Tasmania - where people are legally obliged to mention Tasmania every four minutes or they get kicked out, I guess. Tasmanian married Tasmanians Damo and Caz live in Tasmania. If you can't guess, for the whole episode we had to hear about Tasmanian lettuce, Tasmanian Coles, even Tasmanian truffles (more on that later).

    Damo and Caz called their restaurant "Sound Check" because Damo loves music. Honestly Damo and Caz were fine in this episode, but the true star was Henry the Hot Truffle Farmer.

    Episode 2: David and Betty - "We promise we're just friends, hashtag just friends".

    Episode 3: Karen and Ros - Days of our Midwives.

    Coming up next week:

    The show promises to break an MKR recored EVERY. NIGHT. How do I know this? Because every commercial has had Manu and Pete literally smashing a pane of glass with the word "Records" on it.

    I'm giving them 10/10 for subtlety.