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    Gay Porn Isn't As Woke As You Hoped, That Anti-Trump Scene Is Fake

    Let's pound out some facts.

    This tumblr post, which has started doing the rounds, supposedly shows an anti-Trump scene in a gay porn film.

    The Tumblr post was screencapped and posted onto Twitter where it went viral.

    And has since been re-posted by other Twitter users.

    The only unfortunate thing is, the dialogue is fake.


    The scene comes from's "Soap Studs 2" (NSFW link. It's porn... duh) which I learned BY RESEARCHING IT, I SWEAR.

    The site also lists the official synopsis of the scene: "Brenner Bolton has a devious plan to steal Noah Jones’ family wealth, and it begins with a quick lay."

    So unfortunately, gay porn isn't as woke as you thought. But if you're really lusting after some Trump-themed porn, there are alternatives.


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