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    An Artist Recreated “Star Wars: Episode IV” As An Epic Infographic

    The scrolling is strong with this one.

    Martin Panchaud is a Swiss illustrator and graphic novelist who has taken an incredibly unique approach to the infographic.

    Martin has converted the entirety of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope into an infographic-style image! And we mean the entire thing!

    Using symbolic representations for characters, Martin tracks the progression of the film, including dialogue, making the whole image 123-metres long!

    (Thats about 403ft for y'all not on the metric system.)

    Martin said he took inspiration from ancient Chinese scrolls, the way you need to simultaneously roll it in at the top and out at the bottom to read it fluidly.

    Pairing this ancient method of storytelling with Star Wars seemed to be a no-brainer, as it's "a modern form of mythology and Episode IV is where it all began."

    Not only does it look GREAT, but scrolling through such an iconic film is a brilliant time.

    Even Luke Skywalker had something to say about it.

    Facebook: HamillHimself

    Check out the entire image here.

    You can also find more of Martin's work here.

    BB-8 approves!


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