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    Posted on 27 Oct 2016

    7 Of The Most Important Moments From "The Bachelorette" Australia Finale

    Georgia Singapore'd her heart out.

    WE MADE IT. IT'S FINALLY OVER. Missed the finale of The Bachelorette Australia? Well. It's over. Here's everything you missed.

    Network Ten

    1. The final two made their way to Singapore.

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    I know you may be shocked but I actually drew that picture, and it may not be ENTIRELY accurate. Don't @ me.

    Matty and Lee boarded Scoot airlines on a trip to Singapore. My family live in Singapore and they fly Scoot all the times. My brother has to take his own burritos on the plane because they charge extra for snacks.

    Georgia's sister and father were already in Singapore, and were ready to meet the final two guys. Georgia got a really beautiful message from her mum, urging her to pick someone that'll make her truly happy. It was honestly one of the realest moments this season, and a really nice start to the evening.

    Georgia then tasked her dad and sister Katie with giving their honest opinion on the final two.

    2. Matty J met Georgia's family and they asked him about his allergies.

    Network Ten

    Matty J looked so handsome and so confident wearing a dark blue shirt in Singapore. Honestly honey, if I tried to wear dark blue in that climate, you'd see my sweaty pits so quickly... Singapore is HUMID.

    Katie described Matty as bubbly, handsome, and tall. Then they asked how old he was, if he had any siblings, and if... he was allergic to cats?

    Immediately, Matty mentioned living in Sydney and the dramatic Bachelorette music began. Melbourne and Sydney are different places! There was a lengthy conversation about long distance relationships. The conversation went longer than the flight from Melbourne to Sydney.

    Georgia's family were pretty supportive of Matty.

    3. Lee met Georgia's family and they asked him how he felt.

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    Lee showed up looking hot as always and he quietly whispered all his thoughts and feelings. Katie, like the rest of the country, couldn't help but look at Lee like he was a free steak dinner: delicious.

    Katie took Lee away to grill him like the huge hunk of meat he is. Katie asked tough questions like, "do you even like Georgia?" and Lee quietly whispered, "yeah".

    Look, the key takeaway here is that Lee looked hot as hell BUT Georgia's family had a few concerns about Lee. Remember that time Richie's family had a big problem with Alex? Same.

    4. Matty and Georgia rang a big bell and I wish that was a metaphor.


    Georgia took Matty to a giant bell called "The Bell of Happiness" where people get happy if they ring it??? I don't know, I stopped listening. Then they went down a big flying fox, and ended up in a butterfly park.

    Georgia kept talking about her feelings for Matty and how they've developed over time. It was fine.

    5. Lee and Georgia sat on a bike, a boat, and then pashed in a pool.

    Network Ten

    Lee looked super hot as he and Georgia got on a trishaw, which is just a buggy strapped to a poor guy who has to bicycle a swooning couple around. They got that guy to take them to a boat, where they sat back down (tired after all that trishaw sitting) and went around the marina.

    The music SWELLED as if she was on a date with Matty, and the two of them romantically looked at the city.

    The date ended on top of the iconic Marina Bay Sands, with an infinity pool stretching across the skyline of Singapore. It was almost as beautiful as Lee's shirtless body.

    Lee then told Georgia he had so fallen in love with her and they had a gigantic pool pash.

    6. She picked Lee as her Forever Love.

    Network Ten

    Honestly Matty really thought he had it in the bag, and it was DEVASTATING to watch him come to the slow realisation that, when Georgia was talking about falling in love with someone, she was talking about Lee.

    It was seriously hard to watch as Matty and Georgia slowly came to an amicable end, both of them still incredibly fond of each other, Matty whispering, "I don't want to let you go" as they hugged one last time.

    When Georgia finally picked Lee, it was beautiful. "Not many people bring a donkey to a first date."


    7. We're free for a year. We're free.


    We made it through Richie's "ha ha, cheers, amazing", we made it through Sam and Rhys doing a model-off. We made it.

    Until next year, Australia. We're free.

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