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    19 Photos That'll Make Australians Laugh Harder Than They Should

    "Ketut changed my life!" Same.

    1. This totally unedited snap of a dude out to get something from the shops.

    Imgur: budhacore / Via

    2. This special episode of everyone's favourite show they watched on sick days.

    Imgur: xXMilfSlayer69Xx / Via

    3. This 100% legit measurement guide.

    4. This beautiful vase.

    Imgur: SultanOfSchwing / Via

    5. And this gorgeous landmark.

    6. This tribute to Mick Fanning.

    7. And this guide to Australian animals.

    8. This iconic love story.

    9. This breaking news.

    10. And *this* breaking news.

    11. This 46-incher for mum.

    12. This delicacy.

    13. This warning.

    14. This candid shot of Australiana.

    15. These blokes having a practice.

    16. This totally not suss message.

    17. And this totally festive one.

    18. This example of the democratic process.

    19. And this very important PSA.

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