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53 Iconic Songs Every Aussie ‘90s Kid Definitely Danced To

Get your ~MMMBop~ on.

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1. "Mambo No. 5" - Lou Bega

BMG / RCA Records

Lyric you jammed to: "A little bit of Monica in my life, a little bit of Erica by my side, a little bit of Rita is all I need, a little bit of Tina is what I see..."

15. "Lemon Tree" - Fool's Garden


Lyric you jammed to: "It's just another rainy Sunday afternoon, I'm wasting my time I got nothing to do, I'm hanging around I'm waiting for you, but nothing ever happens and I wonder..."

26. "I Want You" - Savage Garden


Lyric you jammed to: "Anytime I need to see your face, I just close my eyes and I am taken to a place where your crystal mind and magenta feelings take up shelter in the base of my spine, sweet like a chic-a-cherry cola..."

29. "Lovefool" - The Cardigans


Lyric you jammed to: "Lately I have desperately pondered, spent my nights awake and I wonder, what I could have done in another way to make you stay..."

34. "Shine" - Vanessa Amorosi

Transistor Music / CBK Produktions / BMG Australia

Lyric you jammed to: "You can give your life, or you can lose your soul. You can bang your head or you can drown in a hole..."

40. "We Like to Party" - Vengaboys


Lyric you jammed to: "Hey now, hey now, hear what I say now, happiness is just around the corner. Hey now, hey now, hear what I say now, we'll be there for you!"

44. "I'm Outta Love" - Anastacia

Epic / Daylight

Lyric you jammed to: "I'm outta love, set me free, and let me out this misery. Just show me the way to get my life again, 'cause you can't handle me!"

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