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15 LGBT Aussie Comedians You Should Be Following On Twitter

"The dominant man in a group of friends who like musicals is the Elphaba male."

1. Josh Thomas

I decided the collective noun for twinks is a twinkle. 'A twinkle of twinks.'

2. Zoe Coombs Marr

DID YOU KNOW: In gay slang a feminine top is called a "blouse". When coupled with a masculine bottom, it's called a "terrible outfit".

3. Geraldine Hickey

What did everyone say to me at Christmas lunch? Geraldine, Geraldine, Geraldine, Geraldine I'm begging of you please don't take my Ham.

4. Hannah Gadsby

Susan Sarandon announces that the election is bigger than her vagina but she still doesn't trust it to hold a penci…

5. Joel Creasey

I used to cry at the end of 101 Dalmatians when Cruella de Vil didn't win. Was a big Glenn Close fan when I was 8. Also extremely gay.

6. Nath Valvo

To all the people alone on Valentine's day - don't worry - it's just a warm up for when you die alone. X

7. Jordan Raskopoulos

One of the most difficult parts of transition is adjusting to the fact that I need to respond to an different part of Outkast's hey ya

8. Rhys Nicholson

9. Thomas Jaspers

10. Magda Szubanski

I know what my next film role is! I will play George Christensen in bio-pic of his life as a closet S&M lesbian!🌈👏🏻

11. Rebecca Shaw

The dominant man in a group of friends who like musicals is the elphaba male

12. Hunter Smith

I'm so sick of 'lightly sparkling' fizzy water. I don't want a light sparkle. I want intense painful sparkle. I want to cry a little bit.

13. Tom Ballard

"The President has great respect for Prime Minister Mungojerry Trumbleteazer or whatever."

14. Demi Lardner


15. Toby Halligan

History of Christian Suffering 5000? BC: whole world flooded 64 AD: Nero feeds thousands to lions 2009: have to make cakes for gay weddings