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Thousands Of People Have Signed A Petition To Bring Russell Coight Back

The petition received nearly 5,000 signatures overnight.

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Yesterday someone uploaded a petition to calling for the return of a true TV legend: Russell Coight.

Network Ten

Coight was a character portrayed by Glenn Robbins in the mockumentary series All Aussie Adventures.

We watched as he taught us the importance of gun safety, the best way to arrive at a wedding, and even how to create a dead simple camp chair. His immense wisdom has informed a generation of Australians on the finer workings of life in the outback, however this knowledge is at risk.Russell has been absent from our television screens for over a decade, and in that void has fallen lifeless, life-sapping reality TV shows that corrode our minds, while ignoring the beautiful land which Russ so lovingly shared with us.The current generation are unaware of the dangers of salt-water crocodiles in dark alleys, or the fact that they can grow up to 20 feet (although most of them only grow 4). These important outback facts are vital to the upbringing of a generation who so desperately need someone to stand up and show them the right way to live.

It's now in the hands of Channel 10.

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You can put your support behind Russell's big comeback here.