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KFC Australia's Latest Commercial Has Everyone Saying "What The Duck?"

Are Aussies about to get the KF... D?

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KFC Australia's latest commercial features longstanding television icon Plucka Duck skateboarding down a steep road.

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Plucka featured in the prize-giving segment of the long-running variety show Hey Hey It's Saturday. The ad also features "Surfin' Bird" by The Trashmen, which many people will tell you is "that song from Family Guy."

But not everyone is on board with the commercial.

Plucka Duck is a DUCK not a chicken #KFC. You got this one sooooo wrong. #AusOpen #7tennis

In fact most people seem to be hung up on a duck advertising chicken.

may I point out the flaws of the KFC commercial with plucka-duck... firstly, he's a duck. That is all.

Some assume the commercial signals a shift in KFC's menu offerings.

Hang on, that annoying KFC ad features Plucka Duck. D-U-C-K. New menu items?! Dafuq!?!

Others believe it's all part of Big Duck's plot to get you to eat more chicken.

Plucka Duck endorsing KFC is just the latest blow in that infamous bloody war between chickens and ducks. 🐔🔫🐤

Whatever the creative process was, it certainly has people talking.

"So then Plucka Duck skateboards down a steep road." "Which client is this for?" "Not sure yet." "Which year in the 80s is it for?"

That being said, not everyone is upset with the Colonel.

Shut up everybody. I like the KFC Plucka Duck ad.

Maybe we're in the minority, but there are also some parallels that can be drawn with the YouTube classic, Kiwi.

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The video shows a flightless bird going to any means necessary in order to feel the wind in its wings.

Perhaps KFC is inspiring us to soar to new limits and to exceed expectations.

But probs nah.