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    Justin Bieber Took Over A Small Australian Island And It Was Epic

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    Justin Bieber is currently in Australia, and invited a few hundred of his fans to come celebrate with him early in the morning for a bit of a jam.

    Justin was taking over Cockatoo Island, located on Sydney Harbour. Just a short ferry ride and fans would be face-to-face with Bieber himself!

    The stage was set and the sun was cascading down onto the island for the golden god himself to step out and serenade the crowd.

    There were fans from ALL OVER showing up...

    And then the moment came, and he was really actually there, in the flesh. Actually in front of our faces. At 8 a.m. on an otherwise ordinary Wednesday morning.

    BUT THIS WAS NO ORDINARY MORNING! We were there, basking in all his Bieb-tastic glory...

    A sea of adoring fans (and phones) awaited him and he spared NO TIME showing love back to the screaming swarm.

    We hadn't even finished our coffees and Justin was already slaying choreo.

    Everyone was desperate for some of that sweet Bieb action.

    He was a busy boy, running between dancing, singing and radio spots without skipping a beat.

    He even took some time out between songs and interviews for a quick selfie with Sunrise hosts Kochie and Sam!

    Then slowed things down with a little acoustic set...

    Bieber is in good voice for his acoustic set (All That Matters, As Long As You Love Me, Hold Tight, Home To Mama, Be Alright) #bieberisland

    And even whipped out some surprise classics!


    .@justinbieber's last one for #BieberIsland, "Baby"

    What a phenomenal way to spend a morning.

    That was seriously so much fun! Only supposed to play 2 acoustic songs and it turned into a full set. Loved it. #BieberIsland

    Blessed with his slay-age, this will forevermore be known to all as Bieber Island. <3

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