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This Person Matched With Jesus On Tinder And It's Too Damn Funny

Holy shit.

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Twitter user @QueenIdle stumbled upon a really great Tinder profile of a dude pretending to be Jesus.

IS he pretending? Or is he the real deal? YOU DECIDE.


The next day an update was posted with more blossoming romance, showing off even more of his slick lines.

For those of you who want an update. #TinderJesus

Other users started to share their interactions with the holy roller in response.

Showcasing the sinfully smooth operator's biblically good pickup lines.

And while he’s recycled a few, his conversation starters still seem to be working for him.


This guy is seriously putting the "mess" in "messiah".

Sadly, not everyone is a Tinder Jesus believer.

What atheism looks like in 2015. #tinder #tinderJesus

BuzzFeed has reached out to find out more about Tinder Jesus.