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Teens Are Ditching 5SOS For The Wiggles In Droves


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During the Aria Awards tonight 5SOS announced a three-date Australian tour which had fans furious.

5sos is this the map of the world you've been looking At? Because I can't see Australia either!

They were quick to realise that The Wiggles also recently launched tour dates that are a little more robust.

Bummed I missed out on the wiggles tour. I was too busy stanning 5sos #thewiggleshavemoreaustraliandatesthan5sos

And thus, #TheWigglesHaveMoreAustralianDatesThan5SOS was born.


And they were ready to jump ship.

5sos who?? fruit salad, yummy yummy #thewiggleshavemoreaustraliandatesthan5sos

😊😊😊😊 #whatthefuck5sos #thewiggleshavemoreaustraliandatesthan5sos #AdelaideandPerthWantSLFLDates

Group chats exploded with Wiggles thoughts.

when you have a chat to roast 5sos but it eventually changes to this #thewiggleshavemoreaustraliandatesthan5sos

Meetings were planned.

Anyone wanna have a wiggles fandom meet up??? #thewiggleshavemoreaustraliandatesthan5sos

Playlists were updated.

My new jam!! Love it!! So catchy. 🚗 👌❤️ #thewiggleshavemoreaustraliandatesthan5sos

But mainly, fans were just ready to support a band who showed their love for Aussie audiences.

the wiggles vs 5sos idk about you but the wiggles seem like fun #thewiggleshavemoreaustraliandatesthan5sos

Mashed Banana, mashed banana #thewiggleshavemoreaustraliandatesthan5sos

Serious shade was thrown.

Not only do they have more dates, they have more talent too! #thewiggleshavemoreaustraliandatesthan5sos

We mean SERIOUS shade.

Fruit salad was a better song than skh anyway #thewiggleshavemoreaustraliandatesthan5sos

Congrats to The Wiggles for their new fan army.


All the little kids are gonna be scared when they see a whole bunch of teenagers come in #thewiggleshavemoreaustraliandatesthan5sos

The wiggles are hot 😍#thewiggleshavemoreaustraliandatesthan5sos

Never forget. #thewiggleshavemoreaustraliandatesthan5sos

screw Michaels hair we have the big red car #thewiggleshavemoreaustraliandatesthan5sos

UPDATE: The Wiggles have officially responded to the hashtag with a tweet of their own:

Our current Aussie tour is going to Tassie/Perth/Adelaide/Melbourne/Canberra/Wollongong/Newcastle/Sydney/Brissy so the hashtag is true!

🔥🔥 Stay Wiggly, Slay Wiggly. 🔥🔥

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