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Literally just 19 Hilarious Tweets About “The Bachelorette” Australia

"Advance Oshtralia Fair!"

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“You came here for one thing and one thing only. A job on The Project. Sorry I mean love or something.” #BacheloretteAU


Spoiler Alert: #BacheloretteAU tries to recreate NYC in Sydney but lockout laws mean they have to be home by 8pm


So have they made the male contestants on #BacheloretteAU look after babies yet or do they just reserve that for the women?


Miss you Ben. You made every date an Ice date. #BacheloretteAU


A list of dates I want to see: - $5 bottle of wine together - Netflix on the couch - Beers - Drunk on the tram #BacheloretteAU


My fear is that with his arm in a cast, Rhys has even more places to hide poems. #BacheloretteAU


how the show isn't over after Lee takes his shirt off, i do not undertand. i would give him every rose #BacheloretteAU


I am not crying. I'm allergic to hot men singing just stop bugging me about it. #BacheloretteAU


If a man ever sang to me it'd be the last fuckin thing he ever did #bacheloretteAU


#BacheloretteAu is giving me unrealistic date expectations ... now I won't settle for less than 11 men writing & performing a song for me 🌹


"Its a romantic setting" *sees hot chip * yes, yes it is. #BacheloretteAU


I want Cam to make it through to home visits because it's very important for me to know if he has a brother... #bacheloretteau


It's cute how Lee is the hottest man in Australia but acted like he might be the one leaving tonight #BacheloretteAU


Wait so, some people go on reality shows to become famous? Whaaaaaaat?! #BacheloretteAU


Why do they never say anything interesting on these dates? Get drunk and talk about yr exes or your weird aunt or something #bacheloretteAU


Sam is going to be the next host of Up Late With Hotdogs. #BacheloretteAU


Plot twist: This show is actually a documentary about how hard it is to find decent single men in Australia. #bacheloretteau


*Osher walks in* Dude 1: Osher! Dude 2: Oshy! Dude 3: Oshmeister! Dude 4: Oshymandias! Dude 5: Advance Oshtralia Fair! #BacheloretteAU


POLYGAMY is the only solution #BacheloretteAU

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