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    22 Things You Know If You Have A Non-Romantic Soulmate

    Part sibling, part spouse: all best friend.

    1. Basically your "platonic life partner" is the combination of the best bits of a spouse and a sibling merged into one convenient BFFL.

    2. Which means you know absolutely everything about each other.

    3. You basically have your own language.

    4. And you're comfortable enough with each other that there's no such thing as an "awkward silence."

    5. There are absolutely no secrets between you.

    6. You've been confused for a couple at least 100 times.

    7. So you've rehearsed the, "Oh, we're not together!" speech a million times.

    8. Which most people still don't believe.

    9. Because you spend every waking minute in constant contact.

    10. You coordinate your arrivals at events so neither of you have to awkwardly talk to strangers.

    11. Even if you LIVE TOGETHER you still end up making plans with each other.

    12. When it comes to dating, you demand approval of potential partners.

    13. And expect exactly the same in return.

    14. Because you're already in what is essentially a long-term relationship.

    15. You're always on the same page, almost eerily so.

    16. You have no concept of what "TMI" is.

    17. Your idea of "boundaries" is pretty fucked up.

    18. You have the stupidest inside jokes that make absolutely no sense and are completely hilarious to you.

    19. People get pissed when you act like an old married couple.

    20. Your fights last 10 minutes, if that, because fighting is stupid.

    21. And your fights are usually just about someone watching an episode of "your show" without the other.

    22. But at the end of the day, you've got each other's backs for LIFE.