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22 Things You Know If You Have A Non-Romantic Soulmate

Part sibling, part spouse: all best friend.

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9. Because you spend every waking minute in constant contact.


"I know I just saw you five minutes ago but thought you needed to see this photo of a potato that looks like a dog smoking a pipe?!?!"

10. You coordinate your arrivals at events so neither of you have to awkwardly talk to strangers.

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"Wanna meet outside the restaurant?"

"How about I just meet at your place two hours earlier?"

"OK. I'll get wine."


16. You have no concept of what "TMI" is.


"Ew... Can you look under my armpit and tell me what this lumpy thing is???"

"Um, that looks like a pinto bean."

"Huh? I haven't eaten beans in like a week..."

"You smell fresh."


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