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Here's What Happened In The Home Visits Episode Of "The Bachelor" Australia

Home is where the heart is, and the major pashing.

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It's that time in the show where the final four, Nikki, Rachael, Alex, and Olena, take Richie to meet their families. This episode is always great because it's full of awkward questions.

Alex's Home Visit:

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As A Mum Alex went first BUT in a move I think is very smart, she decided not to introduce Richie to her son JUST YET. Honestly this made me respect Alex a hell of a lot.

"Does your brother own any guns?" IS A GENUINE QUESTION RICHIE ASKED HER BEFORE MEETING HER FAMILY. And get this: APPARENTLY HE DOES?! The dinner conversation went from a polite, "so you're home from work!" to "have you ever cheated on a partner?" VERY QUICKLY. Richie, ever the eloquent angel, fumbled his way through the questions to everyone's delight. (He hasn't cheated on anyone by the way.)

While Richie was getting grilled by Alex's protective brother, Alex was admitting to her family that she had fallen for Richie. As he was leaving Alex decided to tell Richie, "I have fallen for you, completely". They had a major pash.

I'll be honest, Richie did a fine job, but the real star was Alex's protective brother's eyebrows. They. Were. Glorious.

Olena's Home Visit:

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Olena met Richie in her hometown of Kiev. Just kidding, she met him at Sydney Olympic Park. One of Olena's many mysterious qualities is apparently she loves tennis? She spoke about tennis with so much adoration it was almost as if she was in the final four to date tennis.

Walking up to her house, Olena said she was "shitting bricks". Her father is a retired boxer who was instantly pissed that Richie loves motorbikes. They had shots of chilli vodka. "It hits you right in the back of the throat," Richie said about the vodka / Olena's father's fists after finding out about the motorbike.

When it came to the question portion of the evening, Richie flopped. It was awful. Where he told Alex's family he could work from anywhere, he told Olena's he would have to decide if he could move to Sydney.

They had a bit of an awkward chat, and then they had a major pash.


Rachael's Home Visit:

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Rachael lives in Perth and Richie lives in Perth so Rachael had decided it was easier for everyone if she just won the show, so Richie didn't have to travel to Melbourne.

Rachael's entire family, and a few people she met once in a pub, showed up for dinner and they all grilled Richie. Rachael's sister took him away for a chat where she straight-out asked, "are you in love with Rachael?" Richie took 10 minutes to basically say no.

Richie was so thankful that she took him beach fishing, and then they had a major pash.

Rachael became really upset after Richie left, as she obviously has strong feelings for him. It was a rare moment of sincerity from Rachael, followed by a message letting us know to get her structured beach wave look, we should get a Dyson hairdryer.

Nikki's Home Visit:

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Nikki and Richie had a beautiful reunion, and then they went to the races. Apparently Nikki is super involved in the WA horse racing scene - which Richie was learning for the first time. It's almost as if, throughout this whole process, he's been too busy pashing people and hasn't spent any time getting to know them.

Nikki was super excited to see her family. She ran into the house and hugged her mum, while Richie tried to hand her mum flowers - so there was a point where Nikki and her mum were hugging, but both Richie and Nikki's mum were holding flowers, WHILE RICHIE WAS ALSO SHAKING NIKKI'S DAD'S HAND!? It was so awkward I almost blacked out.

Nikki revealed that she feels Richie is The One, and she said that she is "totally in love with him". The producers urger her to tell Richie how she truly feels. She did. It was SUPER CUTE but also hella awkward because... Richie literally said nothing. And then they had a major pash.

The Rose Ceremony:

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In possibly the tensest rose ceremony yet, all the girls were talking about how passionate they are about Richie, and how much they wanted to stay. Oh, except Olena, she was probably just thinking about tennis.

In the end, it was Rachael who didn't receive a rose.

I mean, we always knew Rachael was going tonight. Our lonely brunette came so far, but there was always that distance between here and Richie. And by distance, I mean she's not blonde.