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Holy Shit, A Second Woman Walked Off This Season Of "The Bachelor" Australia

Another cool banana splits. Spoilers for Episode 7.

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While the exit may have come as a shock for Richie, the news broke a few weeks ago, with an anonymous source telling New Idea Marx left due to the inauthentic process.

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According to New Idea: "She admitted she didn’t think Richie was being true to himself by keeping drama queen Keira in for ratings. She just felt the whole process wasn’t very organic, so she followed her heart and bowed out."

During the show, she watched as Keira clashed with some of the other women at the cocktail party. "Honestly I feel like this whole thing is just drama for the sake of drama," Marx told the camera.


Some celebrated her decision.

Oooooh Megan!!!!! Yes!!!! You go girl!!! Reject the Rose!!!!!! #TheBachelorAU

Megan, you're too good for this. Go fly and be free pretty bird. #TheBachelorAU

While most were just shocked to see a favourite turn down the Bachelor at such a turning point in the series.

Megan was my favourite honestly, I also thought she'd win it. Bummer #TheBachelorAU



Leaving the show, Marx reflected on her experience.

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"I wasn’t expecting such a competitive, intense environment. When Richie and I first met it was such a strong connection and I had such a good feeling about him and I. I think that there are a few girls here that are already starting to fall in love with Richie and I can see, looking at him, that he’s going to fall in love too."