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Here Are The 7 Big Moments From Episode 7 Of "The Bachelorette" Australia

#TeamRhys, #TeamSam, or #TeamPinotNoir? Bet you can't guess which one I'm on.

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Missed Episode 7 of The Bachelorette Australia? Want to relive the fun? You've come to the right place! Here's what you missed!

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1. Courtney got picked for ANOTHER single date and he didn't give a single fuck about it.

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Courtney's reaction was literally to scowl. "Really???" He said dismayed. Seriously I get the feeling that Courtney is only here to get more hits on his YouTube showreel.

Georgia planned a private tiny plane ride with Courtney and he started sweating. "You mean just the two of us, hanging out together?? No one else to hang out with?" They went to the National Zoo where they played with meerkats and petted a rhino. Courtney was more affectionate with the rhino than he has ever been with Georgia.

Georgia opened up to Courtney and he looked incredibly uncomfortable, then they pashed and Georgia gave him a rose.

2. Sam and Rhys went on a date. (Georgia was also invited.)

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The gimmick was: Two men enter, one man leaves. Yes, the dynamic duo were finally facing off after seven long episodes of drawn-out conflict. But we were told of the two boys going on the date THAT ONLY ONE WOULD RETURN! Meanwhile I took this opportunity to refill my wine because we all know neither of these boys can win the show.

3. The 2-on-1 date was a disaster.

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4. Rhys point-blank told Georgia he wasn't on the show to find "the one".

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After several episodes of telling Georgia that some guys weren't there for the right reasons, Rhys decided to tell Georgia that he was essentially not there for the right reasons. He then told her, "I may not be right for you, but please don't pick chronically handsome Sam".

Before she even had alone time with Sam, Modest Model Rhys walked off into the sunset. BUT THE NIGHT WASN'T OVER YET.

5. Sam point-blank told Georgia he wasn't on the show to find "the one".

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Sam started off telling Georgia that he was on the show to get a bit of media exposure, meanwhile the camera cut to Courtney who was like "WHAAAT, WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING?!?!?!"

Sam then basically admitted that he wasn't on the show for love, just for attention, and just like that... Sammy walked off into the sunset.

6. They had a masquerade-themed cocktail party and Matty J did an impromptu game show.

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The masquerade thing was really weird and 100% unnecessary BUT Matty J decided to take Georgia aside to play a game of "Getting to Know Matty J". NORMALLY I would hate that so much, but I had drank enough wine to find it really adorable and charming. Also Georgia looked like she had a good time and after having to spend a day with two models at Luna Park, she deserved a good time.

7. Matt D and Intruder 2 went home.

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Matt D was still in the competition?!?!?!?! That is literally crazy.

Also the second intruder went home and he DEFINITELY had a name I'm just... I'm testing YOUR memory... I got nothin'.