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    James Gunn Isn’t Offering Fans $100,000 To Find A “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Easter Egg

    "One fan doubted there was actually an Easter egg at all and I said I'd give him 100k if there was not one."

    It's been over two years since Guardians of the Galaxy stormed into cinemas, but one mystery still remains unsolved.


    In a Q&A on his Facebook back in 2015, the writer and director of Guardians, James Gunn, revealed that not all of the film's Easter eggs had been found.

    Facebook: jgunn

    Referring to it as "the big one", the Easter egg has eluded fans since the film's opening. And while many fans of the Marvel universe have made valiant efforts to unearth as many hidden gems as they can, Gunn stays adamant that no one has cracked his big secret yet.

    But there are those who have their doubts the Easter egg even exists! While answering questions on his Facebook last week, Gunn was asked if he ever planned on revealing the secret.

    In the thread, Gunn was accused of making the whole thing up - which is where things REALLY got interesting. In response to his actions being called "the ultimate troll", Gunn wagered $100,000 that the Easter egg exists.

    Facebook: jgunn

    "If there is no Easter egg I will give you a hundred thousand dollars - copy this post - I will consider it a legally binding contract - signed, James Gunn." The director accompanied the message with a selfie, just to prove he is 100% serious about the deal.

    Unfortunately, Gunn's message was reported as some kind of Willy Wonka-esque challenge, causing the director to later clarify.

    "No, I never promised anyone 100k to find the Easter Egg. One fan doubted there was actually an Easter egg at all and I said I'd give him 100k if there was not one. But now it's all over the internet that I'm offering 100k to whoever finds it... Ullllghhhhh."

    So there you have it. There *is* an undiscovered Easter egg in Guardians of the Galaxy, but you're not going to get rich for finding it. And just in case you thought Gunn was waiting by the phone for someone to discover the secret:

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits cinemas in May 2017.


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