21 Gifts No One Ever Asked For That You Can Get On Amazon

    The perfect gift guide for the worst gifts.

    1. Bronzed Door Knocker With Balls by Doorballs

    2. BigMouth Inc Happy Birthday Toilet Paper

    3. Acupuncture Pig Model

    4. Thumbs Up! Glow in The Dark Toilet Paper

    5. Passion Lubes, Natural Water-Based Lubricant, 55-Gallon Drum

    6. Natural Harvest: A collection of semen-based recipes

    7. 1 Pack Pocket-sized Disposable Restroom Poncho

    8. Jesus Action Figure Deluxe

    9. Ultraviolet Flashlight Pet Dog and Cat Urine Stains Detector

    10. Orcon LB-C1500 Live Ladybugs, Approximately 1,500 Count

    11. Dancing with Jesus: Featuring a Host of Miraculous Moves

    12. Basic Geri Nursing Skills Geriatric Training Manikin

    13. Macho Man Randy Savage Jesus Cotton Pillow cover 20x30 Inches

    14. Scream Jar Voice Silencer Stress Releaser

    15. The Purrfect DVD - Cat Entertainment Video

    16. Fuloon Shampoo Soap Dispenser Bath Shower Gel Foam of Woman Breast Shape

    17. Face Slimmer

    18. I didn't fart my ass blew you a kiss 11OZ Coffee Mug

    19. Zagone Studios Goosh Pants

    20. Flair Hair Men's Number 1 Dad With Hair

    21. Diseases Caused by Masturbation