17 Quotes That Prove Brianna Is The Queen Of “Grace And Frankie”

    "Have fun with your weird mother-son vaginal lube sales team."

    1. When she understood the importance of attitude.

    2. And when her own attitude was just always perfect.

    3. Literally perfect.

    Me to everything in life.

    4. When she was great at math.

    5. When she had a brilliant health regime.

    6. When her ultimate boyfriend was a legit goal for all of us.

    7. When she knew the true meaning of love.

    8. No, seriously, she has the best concept of love.

    9. When she didn't have time for awkward parent-daughter sex chats.

    10. Like, literally ever.

    11. No time. Whatsoever.

    12. But she did have time for a panini.

    13. And she's always there with a kind shoulder and a purse full of Valium.

    14. When she understood, and shunned, the notion of boundaries.

    15. When she was deep as fuck.

    16. When she had political goals.

    17. And when family was the most important thing in her life.