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    This "Conjuring 2" Mirror Prank Proves Why You Should Never Prank An Aussie

    Just chuck shit at it and it'll go away.

    At a Sydney screening to promote the DVD release of The Conjuring 2, a ~spoooooky~ prank was played on a few guests after they had just watched the film.

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    The Conjuring 2 recently reached a milestone becoming the highest-grossing horror film at the Aussie box office, director James Wan's home turf.

    Played out at an already creepy props warehouse, viewers were asked if they'd like to step into a room to do their hair and make-up before filming an on-camera testimonial about the film.

    But this was ~no ordinary waiting roooooom~ it was a spooooooky one!

    It had been rigged with a trick mirror, and two women made up to look like possessed, scary nuns took their positions to scare the shit out of people.

    And the shit truly was scared out of some people.

    Basically, most people reacted by running the fuck out of there.

    Except this hero. Initially shocked, he took a few steps back, thinking a terrifying woman behind a mirror was all that was in store for him...

    ...And then he saw the second nun.

    That just goes to show, all horror movies could be a LOT shorter if you just peg a water bottle at the demons. Take that, Annabelle, you creepy fuckin' doll.

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