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Netflix Held A Photo Shoot Of Their Dog Stars And It’s Too Much


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Recently for the Television Critics Association, Netflix held a little photo shoot spotlighting their true stars: THE DOGS!

Netflix / Via Supplied

Whisky, Sugar, and Sherry are the Queen's three corgis from the upcoming series The Crown. LOOK AT THEIR LITTLE EARS. (Also they're with the Beat Bugs creator Josh Wakely.)

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooks and exec producer Annabel Jones are lucky to be in the presence of Lady Dynamite stars Bert and Blueberry.

The Duffer Brothers are the twins behind Stranger Things, but they are also the twins next to Ranger, the true star of Narcos.

Netflix / Via Supplied

WHO'S A GOOD BOY?!!? WHO'S A GOOD BOY!!! Tbh all three of them.


I know everyone is freaking out about Gilmore Girls coming back, and guess what that means? PAUL ANKA THE DOG!!!

Netflix / Via Supplied

Paul Anka was joined by Luke Cage's Simone Missick and Frank Whaley. Do you think Paul Anka let them scratch his butt for an hour?