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    21 Tweets About Disney That'll Make You Say "Same"

    "If I was a Disney princess, my name would be Taco Belle."


    If I was Cinderella I'd be too tired and everything would turn into a pumpkin at 10pm


    If I was Sleeping Beauty, I would have pricked myself on a spindle as soon as I learned about the curse just to get some sleep.


    I spend far too much of my life wondering what household object I'd have been turned into if I was in Beauty and the Beast.


    If I was a princess id be merida cause I don't get the guy and itd be just my lucktohave to fight a goddamn bear and my mother is annoyinng.


    Sebastian the Crab had the right idea singing constantly cause if I was Ariel I'd eat his delicious flesh the second the showtunes stopped.


    If I was Belle from Beauty & the Beast, my luck I'd fall in love and the beast would transform into Steve Buscemi.


    If I was Elsa I totally would have built my ice castle about 100 yards further away from the edge of that cliff.


    If I was Pocahontas, the movie would have ended with "You're going to marry Kocoum." I would've been like, "Done."


    If I was any character in a Disney movie I'd definitely be the angry sand lion thing in Aladdin that goes "WHO DISTURBS MY SLUMBER?"



    If I was a Disney princess, my name would be "Taco Belle"


    If I was a Disney villain, I'd be Maleficent. I would definitely be pissed bc I wasn't invited and capable of hating on a baby.


    If I was Aladdin Id go "with my 3rd wish I give u ur freedom" & the genie would go "REALLY?" & Id go "nah man give me a slurpee or somthin"


    If I was a Disney princess, my name would be Snow White Cheddar.


    If I was Maleficent I would have cursed Aurora so she would always wake up a minute before her alarm


    If I was Cinderella I would've been like "aye be clear. This my daddy house..."


    If I was Ariel from the little mermaid, I wouldnt become human id make Eric be a mermaid cause mermaids are fucking sweet


    If I was Sleeping Beauty I would've smacked Prince Phillip with a pillow, rolled over and went back to sleep.


    if I was Belle, I'd wouldn't go with Gaston or Beast, and instead I'd just get pizza.



    If I was a male porn actor, I would want my name to be Wreck It Ralph.