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7 Moments You Missed In Episode 9 Of "The Bachelorette" Australia

She made them record a song. It was not... not a good time.

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Missed Episode 9 of The Bachelorette Australia? Lucky you. Here are the seven big moments to catch you up!

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1. Lee got the single date so we all settled in for a night of "puns parading as personality".

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That's so hypocritical of me because I fuckin' love puns, and my personality is TERRIBLE, but honestly can we all agree Lee is as hot as he is dull TV? Georgia decided to base the date on Dirty Dancing.

They brought in a stunt coordinator, which marks the beginning of any great date in my opinion. Then Georgia ran full-speed at Lee as they practiced the famous Dirty Dancing lift. You know, like a regular, normal second date. Then they pashed. You know, like a regular, normal Bachelorette episode.

2. I made eye contact with my neighbour that lives across the street, and Lee and Georgia had a really deep chat I guess.

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Our buildings face each other, and as I started to lose focus, I turned to look out the window. Little did I know, my neighbour was ALSO LOOKING OUT HIS WINDOW and we made extended eye contact, and now I'm just looking out my window every few minutes, checking if he's looking.

Also Lee opened up to Georgia about his feelings or something, who cares.

3. Because the boys sang to Georgia a few weeks ago, she forced them to write ANOTHER song about how much they love her.

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Georgia paired herself with Cameron, Courtney and Lee were a pair, and Jake and Matty J were the final duo.

Look, I'm not saying the whole song idea was awkward but at one point I found myself scrolling through caskets on eBay. All of the guys did an okay-ish job except Lee because he can't sing. But Lee has Lee's face and abs, so he doesn't need to sing. Lee doesn't even need to talk. You've seen his abs right? He has 20 of them.

4. We had to listen to the song because God is mad at us, I guess.

We are pleased to announce the world premiere of GB5's debut single 'End of the rose'.😂 Download:…

It sounds exactly like something that might represent Australia in the next Eurovision. Seriously though, that's not even an insult that's just accurate. At first I hated it so much, and now it's my ringtone.

5. Jake and Georgia had some alone time, and Georgia got a little choked up about it.

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Jake was the unanimous winner of being auto-tuned, so he and Georgia trotted off to Marquee, a location which Georgia explained as, "where Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber went once". Glamour!

They had a really nice chat and it was another moment where Georgia kinda reflected on how it's nice to have a guy be genuinely interested in her. Imagine if there was someone still on the show who was only there to like — oh I don't know — boost their media profile *COUGH COURTNEY COUGH*. Sorry I'm developing a cold.

6. Courtney FREAKED THE FUCK OUT at the cocktail party.

Courtney is finding it hard not to think about the other Bachelors and focus on Georgia. #BacheloretteAU

Sorry Courtney fans, but this cocktail party went from fine to REALLY FULL ON.

First Courtney started talking about how he felt that other people may have had stronger connections with Georgia. She told him not to worry about other people, and then THE TENSE MUSIC STARTED, and he started to get very serious.


Ladies and Gentlemen - Mr.May! #BacheloretteAU

Sweet, handsome, beautiful Cameron. Sweet, shirtless firefighter covered in puppies Cameron. Cameron finished the night whispering, "Thank you for the adventure" and then he complimented the remaining guys because Cameron is a sweet, handsome prince.

Call me Cam.