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    Posted on 2 Mar 2016

    This Is How "Timeless" Australia's Definition of Marriage Actually Is

    Tale as old as 2004.

    Recently, the Australian Christian Lobby's Lyle Shelton tweeted about the "timeless definition of marriage" in Australia.

    Twitter: @LyleShelton

    The tweet came in response to Joe Bullock's resignation over the Labor party's stance on marriage equality.

    (Then it got weird when he made it sound like Joe died in the battlefields of marriage.)

    Twitter: @LyleShelton

    And may Joe RIP (resign in peace).

    Except... Australia's "timeless definition of marriage" was introduced in 2004.

    In 2004, the Howard government, with the backing of the Labor party, introduced an amendment to the Marriage Act of 1961 that actually defined marriage ​as solely between a man and a woman.

    Here are a few things older than the timeless definition of marriage in Australia:

    1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    The first Harry Potter film was released in 2001! Three years before Australia's timeless definition of marriage was introduced.

    2. Guy Sebastian's Australian Idol victory.

    Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images

    Go the 'fro! Guy won Australian Idol in 2003, right before the timeless definition of marriage was introduced to Australia!

    3. From Justin To Kelly.

    20th Century Fox

    Speaking of Idols! The iconic From Justin to Kelly was also released in 2003! What a year for culture, but not a year for the timeless definition of marriage in Australia, that's 2004.

    4. Bratz Dolls.

    Joe Raedle / Getty Images

    Hard to believe it but Bratz dolls were not only released in 2001, but in the same year they won the Toy of the Year award! The timeless definition of marriage was introduced to Australia three years later.

    5. Facebook.

    Yep. Facebook was founded in February 2004. The same year in August, Australia introduced the timeless definition of marriage.

    6. Encarta 99.

    Flickr: daslive

    This version of Encarta is from 1999. For anyone too young to remember, in 1999 you had to Encarta "marriage" to find out its definition. Before 2004, an Australian version of Encarta would probably display a message that said "definition of marriage not found".

    7. Pokémon.

    Pokémon just celebrated its 20th anniversary, after being released for Game Boy in Japan, the game continued to be a massive cultural giant. In 2024, the timeless definition of marriage in Australia will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Not long now, timeless definition of marriage in Australia!

    8. Mean Girls.

    Paramount Pictures

    Remember that movie Mean Girls? Of course you do! Your funniest friends won't stop quoting the early 2004 smash hit! Meanwhile, Australia was gearing up to release its timeless definition of marriage! So fetch!

    9. Nicole Richie inserting her entire hand inside a cow.

    Fox / E!

    In season one of The Simple Life, released in 2003, best frenemies Paris and Nicole went to a dairy farm where Nicole inserted her entire arm inside a cow! In 2004, Australia inserted their entire arm into the timeless definition of marriage. That's hot!

    Here's to the timeless 12 years of the definition of marriage in Australia!

    Paramount Pictures

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