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    Deadpool Finally Admitted His Role In "X-Men Origins" Was A Fucking Mess

    "Only one teeny problem, you gave us Wolverine."

    It's almost Australia Day so the Merc with the Mouth delivered a very special message for all his fans Down Under.

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    (Yeah, that's Ryan Reynolds in his Deadpool getup complete with cork hat.)

    He starts off by addressing some of his favourite aspects of Australian culture.

    Like our nationwide love of getting shitfaced.

    But the most important part of the shoutout occurs when he referred to his prior role in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

    Reynolds’ role was widely regarded as one of the worst adaptations of all time. And Deadpool himself agrees:

    Finally, Australia can move on from some of Hugh Jackman's worst work.

    Just stop saying "shrimp on the barbie". They're prawns, mate. Prawns.