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    ABC's New Drama "Cleverman" Is About An Indigenous Superhero

    "In every generation there is one with the power to change everything."

    ABC TV released the first look trailer of their much-anticipated sci-fi drama series Cleverman.

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    The series takes place in the near future, one plagued with unrest and discrimination.

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    A minority group known as "subhumans", who exhibit extraordinary physical traits, are targeted by a nervous population that fear them and their abilities, creating a sense of social anxiety and conflict.

    One man, known as the Cleverman, must struggle with his own developing powers and face his responsibilities to unite the rapidly dividing world.

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    Cleverman features a brilliant ensemble cast, including Iain Glen, Frances O'Connor, Deborah Mailman, and Hunter Page-Lochard.

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    Cleverman is a landmark series, not only because of the co-partnership with SundanceTV who will air the series in the US, but according to Head of Indigenous at ABC TV Sally Riley, the series also has an 80% Indigenous cast.

    Joel Stillerman, president of original programming and development for AMC and SundanceTV added: “At its heart, Cleverman is a thrilling and sophisticated drama filled with conflict, unrest and smart storytelling. The show presents an allegorical view of some of the timeliest and urgent discussions going on our world right now – our collective treatment of minority groups and what common values we share that make us a society."

    Cleverman is set to debut in the US on SundanceTV June 1, then in Australia on ABC and ABC iview the following day.

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