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    7 Things That Happened In Episode 5 Of "The Bachelorette" Australia

    Clancy was on thin ice, we took a "knight in shining armour" metaphor too far, and intruders arrived!

    Missed Episode 5 of The Bachelorette Australia? You missed a LOT. And I missed red wine. I missed it so much, you guys.

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    Here's what happened!

    1. Fancy Clancy got the single date!

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    Georgia said she wanted to live in New York one day, but because she couldn't take Clancy to the USA, she took him around Sydney's city.

    They first went to King's Cross, because if there's one thing that reminds you of New York it's the faint smell of urine in the air. Next they adorably kicked all the tourists out of Winter Wonderland and ice skated. It was cute because Clancy was TERRIBLE AT IT.

    2. Georgia continued the "single date gets a rose" streak.

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    Clancy OBVIOUSLY got a rose at the end of his single date, which we should start referring to as the "millennial rose" because you just get one for showing up.

    3. Shit got medieval.

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    The boys had to put on their Game of Thrones best and shoot arrows at each other in a medieval version of capture the flag.

    They then had to run a gauntlet to kiss Georgia on the cheek while the other boys shot more arrows at them. Courtney decided to just walk through and it was SO AWKWARD. Considering last episode he barely tried to spend any extra time with Georgia or even kiss her... DOES HE EVEN WANT TO BE THERE? (Probs not you guys, he most likely just wants a job reporting on The Project.)

    There was a final showdown between Modest Model Rhys and Poor Ryan. We're calling him Poor Ryan because in five episodes, he has maybe said three sentences, and two of those were just him repeating, "My name is actually Ryan..." Rhys won the alone time with Georgia.

    4. Matty J LOST A TOOTH!?!?

    FYI - Things got pretty intense during this battle, and in some of the more brutal hand-to-hand, Matty lost a toot…

    What time did this date start? 2:30?!?! (Get it? Tooth-hurty? Ughh I'm so tired.)

    We didn't actually see this happen in the show but thanks to Osh, we know the tooth. I mean truth.

    5. Rhys dropped a few truth bombs in awkward-as-hell alone time.

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    Modest Model Rhys, in his brief alone time, decided to drop some truth bombs and tell Georgia that some of the boys weren't there for the right reasons. Georgia was like, "WHICH ONES?" And Rhys was all like, "Madam I, as a noble gentleman, could never betray the trust of my fellow competitors." It was really awkward?

    6. Intruders showed up and Courtney got dragged.

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    Osher arrived at the cocktail party and whisked Georgia away. All the boys freaked out and literally everyone correctly assumed intruders were showing up.

    Matteo was an Italian model and all of a sudden my underpants shot across the room.

    Todd showed up with a guitar, so he immediately became the worst guy at every party. He serenaded Georgia, and then told her he loves Broadway musicals. Just FYI I also love musical theatre, because I'm a gay stereotype.

    Meanwhile, Courtney was taken aside and called out for his weird habit of wanting to avoid alone time with Georgia. "My last intention was to make Georgia think I didn't want to spend time with her," Courtney said, searching for an exit or someone else he could push in between the two of them. "I really want to explore this genuine connection," he told Georgia while blinking "SOS" in Morse code.

    7. Matteo got the boot.


    I couldn't even be bothered to find a photo of a man who was in the show for four minutes. Sorry not sorry.

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