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    I Tried Casey Donovan's Peanut M&M's Trick And It Was Not A Good Time

    Spoilers: It's disgusting.

    If you aren't aware, former Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan is currently competing on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Australia.

    Channel 10

    Quickly becoming a fan favourite, Donovan hasn't shied away from revealing personal truths, as well as showcasing just how damn funny she is.

    But last night, Donovan shocked viewers with a troubling revelation: How she eats peanut M&M's.

    If our tweets stop for 5 minutes, you guys know why... #ImACelebrityAU

    "I put one M&M in my mouth, I suck the chocolate off, then I put the peanut to the side of my mouth, and I repeat that until there are so many peanuts there that I can't fit anymore in," she told the camp. "And then I grab one or two and I put them in and I chew it and I move all the peanuts to the middle of my mouth so it's like one big peanut M&M!"

    Being a serious journalist with many journals, I decided to give this a shot and let me tell you, the regret set in almost instantly.

    Ok @CaseyDonovan @ImACelebrityAU let's do this

    Step One: A fool's journey.

    Channel 10

    Sucking the shell off M&M's sounds like an easy enough task, right? Except when you're doing it in bulk, and the roof of your mouth and tongue start to feel like they're working overtime. After shucking three M&M's from their colourful casing, I started to wonder how many nuts I could possibly fit in my cheek. (Sorry Mum.) "Once you start to get them in there, you can really get a lot in there," encouraging coworkers told me.

    Step Two: Feeling blue.


    With 15 M&M's shucked, and 15 peanuts crammed into my cheek, I discovered blue is the one colour that'll melt in your mouth, on your tongue, and across your teeth. At 20 nuts, I decided I could no longer stretch the limits of my mouth, it was time for the moment of truth.

    Step Three: Homemade peanut butter and regret.

    Channel 10, BuzzFeed

    Like some great mother bird had descended and vomited previously-digested nuts into my mouth, this was truly an atrocious moment. The joy of peanut M&M's comes from the harmony of a delicious candy shell, the cool chocolate, and a salty surprise in the middle. No one wants a mouthful of soggy, salty nuts.

    The roof of my mouth and my tongue felt chapped from sucking, and every time I licked my lips I felt like I was tasting blood. What did I do to my poor mouth? What did I DO?!

    At the end of the day, I can honestly say this is a terrible way to eat peanut M&M's. Casey, I love you, but please for the love of god don't do this.

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