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    John Krasinski Blames Chris Hemsworth's Hot Body For Not Getting The Part Of Captain America

    My excuse for everything tbh.

    John Krasinski revealed to Conan that he screen-tested for the role of Captain America, but one thing really got in his way: Chris Hemsworth's rockin' bod.

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    Before Chris Evans became the Cap we all know and love, John got an opportunity to get behind the famous shield.

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    John has always been a vocal fan of the superhero genre, and has mentioned his desire to be included in a Marvel movie, even as a villain!

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    Midway through the process, however, he hit a bit of a snag.

    "They allowed me to put on the suit. I was on a set. It was all very interesting," he told Conan. "I remember the only bummer was, I was putting on the suit, I was like, 'This is so amazing,' and I got about right to my waist, still shirtless and feeling pretty good about myself...and all of a sudden Chris Hemsworth walked by."

    When he encountered the God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth, things changed.

    Obviously this all happened BEFORE he shredded for his role in 13 Hours.

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    At least he made a good impression.

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