35 WTF Books That Actually Exist

    "Old Tractors and the Men Who Love Them."

    1. This cool tip.

    2. This super helpful tip for how to increase your smarts.

    3. These recipes to avoid on a first date.

    4. This cone full of the Lord.

    5. This book which really outlines what it's about from the get-go. Wait, what?

    6. This old stripper.

    7. These magical tractors.

    8. And this which I HOPE isn't a romance novel?

    9. This im-poo-rtant how-to guide.

    10. This book that'll just burn a hole in all your pockets.

    11. These fancy, cultured AF goldfish.

    12. These fucking phenom fences.

    13. This how-to guide for anyone who's sad about being too anal.

    14. This that feels incredibly niche.

    15. This purrfect addition to any cat-lover's library.

    16. Also this age-old question.

    17. The SECOND EDITION of this informative read.

    18. This out-of-this-world book.

    19. This romance that'll have your neigh-bours gossiping.

    20. This rapidly-dying art.

    21. This smockingly great read.

    22. Or this great guide to fashion.

    23. But if we're talking fashion... always remember:

    24. This helpful how-to guide.

    25. This great guide to rollin' with your homies.

    26. This fucking frightening nonsense.

    27. And Walter White's favourite book.

    28. This book which just seems like a bad idea.

    29. This incredibly useful manual.

    30. This terrifying looking puppet's journey to religious enlightenment.

    31. This book that's also what I'm looking for in life.

    32. This harsh truth.

    33. This MUST READ.

    34. This, which sounds like a delicacy.

    35. And finally :( these chairs. :(