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We Explain In 90 Seconds Or Less What Happened In "The Bachelor" Australia Episode 7

One girl walked out, and I ran out of wine.

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Missed Episode 7 of The Bachelor Australia? Don't worry, here's everything you need to know in 90 seconds or less.

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The Solo Date:

Network Ten

Rachael scored the solo date which was shocking because she's a brunette. Richie wore boat shoes on a boat.

They climbed up to the Crow's Nest of the boat, before recreating the famous Titanic pose... WHICH I'M PRETTY SURE HE DID WITH OCEAN GIRL MEGAN ON HER SOLO DATE.

To get in the pirate mood, Richie and Rach downloaded an illegal copy of Dallas Buyers Club JUST KIDDING, they drank some rum, then Richie SHOCKINGLY pulled out a rose, and the Pash Bandit struck again. At this stage, I wouldn't be surprised if Richie pashed a low-flying bird.

The Group Date:

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ALL the Bachelorettes were invited to a garden party. As A Mum Alex cried out, "there'll be a twist! There's always a twist!" "DON'T BE SUCH A NEGATIVE NANCY," Keira, literally the most negative person alive, replied.

SHOCKER. There was a twist. The group date didn't include Richie. He was off on dates with three new women.

Just as we were starting to learn everyone's names.


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Steph: Steph showed up on a quad bike, because she's got a great sense of adventure. "I work as a model, despite this adventurous side of mine," she told Richie, adventurously. They rode quad bikes, then they had a picnic.

Sarah: Sarah showed up on a motorbike because two wheels are better than four. They went biking, then they had a picnic.

Biscuit the horse: Hang on, I don't think Biscuit was one of the intruders.

Khalia: Khalia entered on Biscuit the horse because no wheels are better than some. Khalia is a brunette so, she's got a few weeks tops. They went riding, then they had a picnic.

The Cocktail Party:

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The garden party turned into the cocktail party, and Keira was NOT happy. No one was happy to meet the Intruders (especially Keira). As a Mum Alex decided to use the white rose to get Richie away from the new Bachelorettes.

Georgia told Keira that Kiki and Noni were telling the Intruders that she is the hardest work in the house. Keira started calling everyone peasants and screaming in the bathroom that everyone was a peasant. "I got told that you said, 'you should watch out for Keira because she's a real bitch'" Keira, an adult, said.

The Rose Ceremony:

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MEGAN WALKED OUT!!!!! MEGAN WALKED THE FUCK OUT. When asked if she would accept his rose, she said "I can't." BOOM.

Also Georgia didn't get a rose, and we're led to believe it was because she had stirred up trouble earlier that night. It was most likely because her hair was the darkest of them all. Another non-blonde bites the dust. :(