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You Need To See This Guy Re-Create Your Favourite Food From TV And Movies

Your new delicious obsession.

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Andrew Rea has quietly amassed a YouTube following with his brilliant series Binging With Babish, where he re-creates food and drinks from TV and movies.

Here he bravely tried Buddy's Breakfast Dessert Pasta from Elf, which looked as sickeningly sweet in re-creation as it did in the original.


You'd be forgiven for assuming the videos are just jokes, but the food is actually exceptional. Rae not only makes everything look damn tasty, but often improves on the originals. Take his It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia special, where he attempted delicacies from the show like "rum ham".


He went on to make traditional and improved versions of "riot juice", "fight milk", a "grilled Charlie", and even "milk steak". If those things mean nothing to you, don't fret, but definitely watch it because...I hate myself for saying it but I REALLY want a grilled Charlie now.

He tackled several of Bob's iconic creations from Bob's Burgers...

...Jake's perfect sandwich from Adventure Time...

...and even the strudel from Inglourious Basterds.

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You can check out all his videos here, but be warned: You'll be VERY HUNGRY.