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This "BFG" Inspired Pop-Up Restaurant Is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Bring a giant appetite.

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Masterchef Australia alum Reynold Poernomo is transforming his KOI dessert bar into a pop-up inspired by The BFG.


On July 4, Reynold will overhaul his restaurant into "Rotsome", and immerse his guests in Dahl's Giant Country.

All your faves from the book make an appearance on the menu, except instead of being a foul-tasting vegetable, the Snozzcumber has had a total makeover.

Now a pistachio mousse with a caramel centre, giants would BEG to gobble down some of these bad boys. Reynold also incorporated his signature matcha moss into the dish to give it that KOI feeling.

Reynold told BuzzFeed he took inspiration from the film to create dishes like Swigpill.


The pop-up requires adults to be accompanied by a child, but with a list of creations with Dahl's ridiculous names, Reynold isn't worried about the kids not enjoying the menu. "The only thing I'm scared about is... I don't think kids like peas! Hopefully they will."

Brainstorming the menu with his brother, Reynold created dishes he felt would be at home in Giant Country.


"My favourite is the Swatchscollop, a savoury short-rib. It's really smoky, rich, and it's winter so it's very warming. It looks cool too, something a giant would eat."

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