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Music Has A Real Meaning With This Tribute To Barb From “Stranger Things

"I got a fever and the only prescription is Barb."

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OK Stranger Things fans, there's now a rap tribute to Queen Barb, and everything is right in the world. (This DOES contain spoilers so come back after you've finished the season.)

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YouTube channel Dr. Chorizo Productions begin their tribute laying out the plot of the season.

But then things take a turn, to focus on the real MVP: Barb.

Basically reiterating the sentiments of all of us, that Barb was taken from this cruel world far too soon.

Even the cast are loving it with David Harbour, Noah Schnapp, and Shannon Purser (BARB HERSELF), sharing the video.

Hopper approved ridiculousness. I got a fever and the only prescription is Barb. Doc Chorizo, can I get a script?

#RIPBarb @DoctorChorizo cracking up @ShannonPurser7 @Stranger_Things 😂😂

Oh my gosh. What even is my life. (Language warning for the kiddos)

We'll just keep holding out hope that the second season takes places in an alternate reality where #WeAreAllBarb.