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    14 Sep 2016

    Here's What Happened In Episode 15 Of "The Bachelor" Australia In 90 Seconds

    Of course the Perth boy took them to Bali.

    Missed Episode 15 of The Bachelor Australia? Became overwhelmed by the relentless nature of reality TV? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed in 90 seconds or less.

    Network Ten


    Network Ten

    The episode began with Richie talking about all his feelings for the remaining women: Alex, Nikki, and Olena. Richie did a quick workout in a skimpy singlet and it was the highlight of the show. Then he revealed he was taking the final three to Bali. Richie, a Perth boy, loves Bali. What a shock.

    Alex's Bali Date:

    Network Ten

    Richie picked As A Mum Alex up in a car. "I could picture us doing things like this as a couple," Alex said about riding in a car. They went for a bike ride around some rice fields. Alex spoke about the incredible chemistry she and Richie share. I honestly zoned out so badly during this entire date. All they did was sit in a rice paddy and then sit in a gazebo.

    Nikki's Bali Date:

    Network Ten

    Richie took Nikki on a flying raft, where an inflatable raft gets dragged behind a speedboat until it flies in the air. ALEX JUST SAT IN TWO DIFFERENT PLACES. Richie and Nikki had a great time flying behind the boat.

    Richie then took Nikki to sit down, as a man "blessed them for a happy life together". Just to reiterate, he took Alex to sit down in two different places, then took Nikki to get BLESSED FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.

    Olena's Bali Date:

    Network Ten

    Richie picked Olena up on a scooter (not a motorcycle, Mr. Olena!) and took her to the beach for a surf. Before getting in the ocean, Olena told Richie her parents had "some concerns" about him. Richie wanted to clarify, and Olena playfully ran into the ocean.

    As soon as they had finished surfing, Richie was like, "Ha ha but seriously WTF?" She explained her parents weren't super keen on her moving, and Richie was like, "I could move for you?" Basically it felt like Olena really wanted a free holiday, but didn't have the heart to tell Richie that she is entirely uninterested in him.

    At drinks, Olena basically said she has zero interest in a relationship with Richie and he was like, "this is so confusing!" Olena then said, "A relationship with you just sounds like a hassle," and Richie was like, "What could this all mean???"

    The Rose Ceremony:

    Network Ten

    Of COURSE Olena didn't receive a rose, because she spent the entire day talking about how she had no interest in actually dating Richie.

    Still got a free holiday to Bali tho. Queen.

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