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    Australia Picked Its Eurovision 2017 Entrant And He's A Winner

    First Brexit, now THIS. Also I still don't know what Brexit is.

    Hey Europe, it's your very close neighbour Australia here.

    Remember last year when we showed up to Sweden for Eurovision and y'all got a bit of Stockholm syndrome for our mad bops???

    Well, hold on to your wigs because we're not done snatching. Australia recently announced its 2017 Eurovision entrant as 17-year-old Isaiah Firebrace.

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    This is his debut single from last year. BANGER.

    He'll be belting a ballad called "Don't Come Easy", which is ironic because belting seems to come super easy for the youngster.

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    Try to tell me this isn't a legitimate BANGER! YOU CANNOT. It's like Sam Smith back when he was likable!!

    Firebrace rose to fame during his time on X Factor Australia where he won the singing comp ON HIS BIRTHDAY!!!

    This is the winner of the #XFactor Australia is Isaiah Firebrace! He won on his birthday, how amazing?! #xfactorau…

    OK, look, this is all for the fun of it, but we're super excited to be competing again this year, and if you're STILL hung up on the whole distance thing...