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    Australia Picked Its Eurovision 2017 Entrant And He's A Winner

    First Brexit, now THIS. Also I still don't know what Brexit is.

    Hey Europe, it's your very close neighbour Australia here.

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    Remember last year when we showed up to Sweden for Eurovision and y'all got a bit of Stockholm syndrome for our mad bops???

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    Here's Australia's Dami Im holding up a big box of all the fucks she gives about anyone complaining that "Australia isn't even in Europe"!

    Well, hold on to your wigs because we're not done snatching. Australia recently announced its 2017 Eurovision entrant as 17-year-old Isaiah Firebrace.

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    This is his debut single from last year. BANGER.

    He'll be belting a ballad called "Don't Come Easy", which is ironic because belting seems to come super easy for the youngster.

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    Try to tell me this isn't a legitimate BANGER! YOU CANNOT. It's like Sam Smith back when he was likable!!

    Firebrace rose to fame during his time on X Factor Australia where he won the singing comp ON HIS BIRTHDAY!!!

    This is the winner of the #XFactor Australia is Isaiah Firebrace! He won on his birthday, how amazing?! #xfactorau…

    OK, look, this is all for the fun of it, but we're super excited to be competing again this year, and if you're STILL hung up on the whole distance thing...