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17 Times “Angie Tribeca” Was So Dumb It Was Actually Genius

"I'm sorry detective, I have to take this..."

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1. The series stars Rashida Jones as detective Angie Tribeca who, along with her LAPD squad, solve very serious crimes.

2. And while Angie prefers to work alone, the show begins with her getting a new partner, Geils.

5. Along with Rashida, the series also stars Hayes MacArthur, and features Jere Burns as the Lieutenant, Deon Cole as DJ Tanner (lmao), Andree Vermeulen as Doctor Scholls (lol), and Alfred Molina as the incredible Dr. Edelweiss.

9. Honestly, you never know when to cackle or to groan.

Just terrific.

12. Honestly, some OBSCENELY good prop comedy.

14. And set-ups so ridiculous you have to applaud the payoff.

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