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    You Need To Watch This 14-Year-Old's Incredible "X Factor" Australia Audition

    Dare you to not get chills watching this.

    Last night The X Factor Australia kicked off a brand new season and 14-year-old Amalia Foy stole the show with her incredible cover of "Let Her Go".

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    Fans of the show were absolutely blown away.

    Now THAT is how you do an audition! Well done, Amalia! #xfactorau

    Amalia, you nearly made me cry! So talented for a 14-year-old! #XFactorAU

    I know who I'm fangirling over this X factor season.... go Amalia!! #xfactorau

    Foy (who since her audition has turned 15) received a standing ovation from the judges.

    Channel Seven

    She even brought Iggy Azalea to tears with her performance.

    Channel Seven

    While the season has only just begun, the judges have already labelled Amalia a superstar.

    Amalia is a contender at 14 years old. Gorgeous voice. @adamlambert: 'Australia, you just witnessed the birth of a superstar.' #xfactorau

    Can't wait to see more!

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