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    Watch This Hot Bearded Guy Dance To Alicia Keys In A Lake And Weep With Joy

    Prove me wrong, I dare you.

    YouTuber Justin Lawrence Hoyt recently uploaded another addition to his "official dance video" series, where he dances to Alicia Keys songs outdoors.

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    Justin's just out in the wilderness, jamming out to "Wreckless Love", cracking out some damn fine dance a lake.

    Remember this is just PART of a series of videos of Justin dancing to Alicia Keys.

    He started with "It's On Again" back in 2014...

    ...then revived the ~official dance video~ franchise with "No One" in February.

    Leading us to "Wreckless Love" in a lake.

    Hopefully this series never ends and Alicia Keys hires Justin to be in all her videos from now on.

    Alaska? More like Alaskyaasss.

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