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Aldi Opened Four Stores In South Australia And People Fucking Lost It

South Australia's first Aldi grocery stores opened to massive crowds.

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Aldi supermarket recently opened their first South Australian store, and the good people of Adelaide lost their fucking minds.

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Seriously, even the state premier, Jay Weatherill showed up for the momentous occasion.

And customers were loving the bargains for all of their needs.

Punters were so keen, some even camped out overnight for the grand opening.

Line-ups for #Adelaide ALDI store openings. Two friends have been camped here since 9pm... @TenNewsADEL

Authorities were called to maintain the peace after a few scuffles in the car park between excited shoppers.

According to Aldi, more than 12,000 people lined up to get into the four South Australian stores that opened.

That being said, not everyone was as thrilled to see new competition open in Adelaide.

Oh Adelaide. Never change.

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