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9 Times "The Great Australian Bake Off" Was Perfection


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The Great Australian Bake Off has begun an all-new season with an entirely new look and feel.

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Aussie fans of The Great British Bake Off should celebrate, as this new version is a true-blue Aussie homage to the original. Here's why it takes the cake:

1. It's everything you love about GBBO with some classic Aussie twists.

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All the finishing touches are wonderful, but most noticeably, the bakers have been plonked into a beautiful shed. Decked out with all their baking needs, while still retaining that homegrown feel.

Also little sparkling gems about their background in Aussie baking.

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THE CWA, OR COUNTRY WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION, DEAL A LOT WITH ICING SUGAR. Can we please start a petition to have Mariana as our national flower because she is honestly so wonderful.

3. Technical bakes have also had the localised treatment. Like Maggie Beer's Constitution Cake.

The cake, similar to a fruitcake and covered in royal icing, includes several homegrown ingredients, like dried quandongs (a kind of wild peach), muntries (our version of a native cranberry), and the Davidson plum.

THEY'RE JUST SO MUCH FUN. Maggie and Matt have such a wonderful way of both complimenting and critiquing the bakers in the show. Matt definitely cuts to the chase when something isn't quite right. Meanwhile, The Nation's First Lady of Baking, Maggie, is so kind. Even when something is wrong, Maggie still finds the opportunity to give shoutouts to the bakers.

8. The surprises never stop, with a Showstopper challenge to create a hidden design cake.

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Janice literally baked a cake within a cake within a pandan jelly. JANICE, THAT IS CAKE INCEPTION AND I AM HERE FOR IT.

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